Virtual Civil Air Patrol

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Want to know more about our squadron and the Civil Air Patrol? The BEST way is to come to a meeting. On 8/17/2013 at 21:00 on DigitalThemePark Teamspeak if you need information how to download teamspeak and join go to our forum page and click teamspeak and then click teamspeak join this will give you all information on how to join
Virtual C.A,P shows students and who joins the life of being in the civil air patrol
we are the gather of the biggest group of C.A.P members in the United States.Come Join the Virtual C.A.P and See what you will experience in the United States C.A.P program we will show you how to fly airplanes of different type in Microsoft Flight Simulator X. we do not show students in any other program we will use the following planes.C172,C206,C208,C210,C185,C195 these planes are currently used today in the flight of students in United States C.A.P program this program will only be virtual it will not include real life scenario's come and join today and show Virtual C.A.P what you can do or if you are in the Real C.A.P program.